It's true that Japanese people are very patient, but I don't want to put up with them for the sake of the Olympics ! I don't want President Bach to tell me that😤.

KANARI's miscellaneous thoughts.KANARI's miscellaneous thoughts.

This is a topic of Olympic criticism.

I used to be a person who was not interested in the Olympics, but this time I am completely against it.

I'm trying to refrain from criticizing the Olympics too loudly when I write my blog, but this is terrible.

Is the Olympics a playground where all the people are obliged to put up with and be subjected to the horrors of Corona for the sake of the senior Olympians and the senior organizing forces?

At least I think the organizing camp is no more than a playground, seriously, an athletic event that is four days old and unprepared, as if it is formed by people who brag about crimes in the name of bullying, bully teachers, make disrespectful remarks about women, and take the people lightly 🤬.

What kind of competition shows the patience of the Japanese people?😤😤😤

IOC President Bach: "This event shows the perseverance of the Japanese people. It is time for Japan to shine."

And the evil overlord is this person whose name I don't even want to mention.

You're saying that a mere athletic event weighs more than the lives of all Japanese citizens. That's what it sounds like to me, but maybe it's because I'm already angry and have nothing but bad feelings towards this 🤬.

But really, I think that the Japanese are being made fun of.... I think that Japanese people basically have a high boiling point for anger. They don't lose their temper that easily.

But I think a lot of people are angry about the Olympics...😣.

I think what the Japanese need to do now is to concentrate all their efforts on fighting corona.

It's really annoying to have a field day that only interferes with the corona measures.

What is the point of having an Olympics where we are forced to endure and held back from above?

Many Japanese people don't even want the Olympics, but they are forced to endure it and all the people are forced to endure it. There is no spirit of hospitality, just imposition. Please don't make patience a virtue and suppress it.

I want the Olympics to be over as soon as possible... Anyway,

I want the word "Olympics" and the Olympic officials led by President Bach to disappear from my sight as soon as possible 😣.

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