It is truly an a-ha moment. Just before the Olympics, a number of athletes are testing positive for Covid-19, and some have been forced to withdraw from the games.

KANARI's miscellaneous thoughtsKANARI's miscellaneous thoughts

I'm sorry for the article,criticizing the Olympics every day.

But I still think the Tokyo Olympics are crazy💦💦.

It's so poorly done that a lot of people are testing positive.

What kind of safe and secure Olympics are we talking about? There is no such thing as safety anymore.

There seems to be a series of positive tests being found on Olympic participants, and I have to admit I find it frightening.

To begin with, the daily number of infected people in Tokyo is about to reach 2,000, and it's not even the Olympics. The infected people are still suffering, aren't they? Tomorrow, I might be the infected one. It's definitely not someone else's problem.

In the past, I used to think that the Olympics were sacred and fair.

But if you look at the process leading up to the forced holding of the Tokyo Olympics due to the Corona disaster, it seems like a very dirty world.

Really, words like "fair" and "sportsmanship" have no meaning in such a messed up situation.

I believe that the Olympics should not be held.

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