My idol maltese mixed breed dog, Alfyn🐶

Alphin, male, born June 17, 2014, now 7 years old!Alphin, male, born June 17, 2014, now 7 years old!

Nice to meet you, my idol, Mr. Alfin!

His breed is Maltese✕ Poodle 🐶🐾

Since we have a doggie in our home, I thought I would show off some of my doggie photos.

Alphin is a boy born in June 2014, he is the third generation of doggie that we met in November 2014 and has been in our house ever since.

We have had dogs in our family before, but our first was a Maltese grandmother named "Shiro".I happened to see him walking down the street and took him in. The second dog was also a male Maltese, named Leo. He had been in a pet store for two years and was looking for someone to take him in.

Both the first and second generation happened to be Maltese, but the first one was a doggie I picked up and the second one I took in. Both of them lived to be old people, but unfortunately they crossed the rainbow bridge, and Alfyn was the one I met after that.

Incidentally, Alfyn, the third generation, looks like a Maltese, but he is actually a mix of a poodle and a Maltese.

A closer look at Alfin.

Freshly trimmed and slippery!

Alfyn smilingAlfyn smiling

Profile of AlfinProfile of Alfin

He is now seven years old and has become quite an old man, but when he came to our house, he was only six months old.

It's really cute. It is the healing power of our home.

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